Answering the Call

The 10th UMW President Has a Passion for Public Education

Story by Anna Barron Billingsley Photos by Norm Shafer Troy Paino was set. In his late 20s with a lucrative law career, he was married to his college sweetheart, Kelly. They were anticipating a family, the home of their dreams, and a rich life in Indianapolis. Fast forward 25 years. Troy Paino was set. Approaching his mid-50s, he was the popular president of Truman State University, living in a magnificent home near campus with his wife and two teenage daughters. Change has been a constant in the life of Troy Paino, attorney-turned-academic. Not subtle move-to-the-next-neighborhood kind of change, but radical pulling-up-stakes, life-transforming change. And it’s all in the name of alignment. “I only do things that align with my passions,” he said. Lured from a flourishing presidency at Missouri’s only public liberal arts university, Troy D. Paino moved this summer into the UMW President’s Office in George Washington Hall, and he and his family took up residence at … [Read more...]