You Got It!

We’re happy to report the names of these 1960s members of the Matthew Fontaine Maury Science Club of Mary Washington College. Left to right, they are Carol Meese ’65; Joanne Hamilton Curtis ’67; Susan Spatig Schmidt ’64; and Carolyn Luce Sangston ’64. Carol and Carolyn recognized themselves and let us know. Carolyn noted that her interest in science translated to a career researching pediatric infectious diseases at the Emory University School of Medicine. Carolyn and Susan Orebaugh Nicholson ’64 identified Susan Schmidt. And Elizabeth “Betty” Adams Hansen ’67 identified Joanne, a math major who became her Mary Washington roommate. “Something about the way she stands made her identifiable, even before I got out the magnifying glass,” Betty wrote. Bronnie Jones Polk ’64 also helped with the IDs. Thanks to all! We use this column to supplement photo information for UMW’s digital collections. To see more images, go to the archives and choose Centennial Image Collection. … [Read more...]