Give It Your Best Shot!

web_halloween-gtp-fa16_resizeFor a 1990 Halloween party, three students went as something really terrifying: Interstate 95. Apparently, I-95 was as bad 26 years ago as it is now.
If you think you know the identities of this highway crew, please tell us! And for good measure, try to ID the young woman in the background, who seems to be sporting cat whiskers.
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  1. Wes Cantrall says

    From left to right they are
    Megan Carter – class of 94 – now Megan Shepard
    Heidi Heiss – class of 94 – now Heidi Purdue
    Tricia Cleary – class of 94 – sadly she passed away in 2013.

  2. Jeff Kramer says

    Megan Carter on the left

  3. Andy Whitman says

    I remember #9 in the center. We took biology together and she may have been my lab partner, but my memory is sketchy. I thought her name was Heide Heisse (with an “e” on the end), which differs from the comment above.- Andy Whitman, class of ’97 (but originally slated for class of ’94).

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