Books by UMW Alumni

Cherry-Kind-of-Dream-cA Kind of Dream: Stories
Kelly Cherry ’61

In these interlinked stories, five generations of an artistic family explore the ups and downs of life – fame, death, self-destruction, love, parenthood, and the excitement of making good art. Cherry, a former poet laureate of Virginia, has previously published 21 books, nine chapbooks, and two translations of classical drama.

– University of Wisconsin Press, Terrace Books, May 2014


SeasonsOfSharingCBSDSeasons of Sharing: A Kasen Renku Collaboration
Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda ’69 with Joyce Brinkman and others

Former Virginia poet laureate Kreiter-Foronda and former Indiana poet laureate Joyce Brinkman have produced this poetry collection in partnership with Kae Morii of Japan, Gabriele Glang of Germany, Flor Aguilera Garcia of Mexico, and Catherine Aubelle of France. The poems explore events of global significance such as the Arab Spring, climate change, and urban violence.

– Leapfrog Press, September 2014


ArsonistSongThe Arsonist’s Song Has Nothing to Do With Fire
Allison Titus ’98

Three lonely misfits attempt to connect to the modern world: Vivian, a wallflower who’s obsessed with death; Ronny, an arsonist resisting the urge to burn the whole town down; and the Doctor, who struggles to glorify his legacy with a reckless vision of human flight. This book, Titus’ first novel, follows her book of poems, Sum of Every Lost Ship.

– Etruscan Press, May 2014


Grynaviski-IllusionsConstructive Illusions: Misperceiving the Origins of International Cooperation
Eric Grynaviski ’99

It’s better for international cooperation if nations don’t really understand one another but think they do, author Grynaviski theorizes. Such “constructive misunderstanding” fosters the illusion that all parties will benefit from a shared undertaking. The author explores how these helpful misperceptions eased tensions between the U.S. and Soviet Union from 1972 to 1979.

– Cornell University Press, July 2014