Dear Editor,

UMW Magazine looks terrific.

What a nice surprise to see the amphitheater as the cover story in the issue that just arrived – excellent cover photo. I hadn’t been on campus in over 20 years when I visited for Reunion Weekend 2013, the 40th for our Class of ’73. While there are stunning improvements and new construction on UMW’s beautiful campus, it was sad and of great concern to see the deterioration of the amphitheater. This was compounded by the fact that I’ve worked in the field of historic preservation planning and rehabilitation since 1978. I wondered if perhaps there were discussions about removing it altogether.

So it was great to see the architect’s rendering of the amphitheater’s proposed restoration in the summer UMW Magazine. And a big thank-you to Robert S. and Alice Andrews Jepson ’64, who’ve made a generous donation for this important project. I look forward to the completion of the amphitheater’s restoration and renewed interest in and increased use of this beautiful space on campus.

Rochester, New York