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Katharine Rogers Lavery

Barbara Bishop Mann and husband Robert spent three weeks in the national parks of the Northwest and in the Canadian Rockies. They traveled to Victoria, had dinner in Seattle with Roger and Ryan Stewart Davis, and visited relatives in Vancouver. While on vacation, Barbara read Teaching 2030, written by a group of teachers from all over the country, and afterward attended an educational conference discussion in Washington, D.C., about how the teaching profession might evolve by 2030. Bobbi attended homecoming at UMW’s new College of Education, for which she attended an advisory board meeting with Donna Sheehan Gladis ’68. Bobbi and Robert saw the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts’ Chihuly glass exhibit. Bobbi enjoys good health and takes yoga classes, where she sees Eleanor McJilton Thompson.

Mary Kathryn Rowell Horner and husband Charlie were vacationing at The Homestead in July, when Mary Kathryn decided to try riding a Segway. That resulted in a shattered leg, eight days in the hospital, and months of rehab, healing, and therapy. Charlie had to learn how to go to the commissary, run the dishwasher, and do laundry. By October, Mary Kathryn was walking with crutches and driving. While she was in the hospital, the director of admissions “just had to meet the 68-year-old lady who broke her leg riding a Segway.” Charlie and Mary Kathryn planned again to spend January and February golfing and socializing in Naples, Fla.

Joan Cuccias Patton loves retirement and took a cruise from Montreal to Boston with her siblings and their spouses, honoring a tradition of getting together started by their parents. Joan went to Massanutten, Va., with Linda Glynn Hutchinson and Pat Lewars Pace. Joan and Lee Enos Kelley drove to Skyline Drive and stayed at Skyland Resort. Joan and her New England friends made their annual fall trip, this time to Martha’s Vineyard; Newport, where Joan lived as a child; and West Point. She had a weekend getaway in November in Las Vegas with her sons. Joan subs at her old high school and loves to “just teach” and leave.

Anne Meade Clagett tried to get Bobbi to organize another Mary Washington Lunch Bunch gathering in November, but it was too close to the election, so sights were set on spring. Dee Nottingham Ward still works on tax returns but took a break in June to attend her 50th high school reunion in Richmond, visiting with classmates, including Jana Privette Usry.

Pam Kearney Patrick was having construction in her kitchen and enjoyed her 50th high school reunion. She continues her art shows and sold some watercolors. She was an exhibitor at the Miniature Painters, Sculptors, and Gravers international art show. She, Carol Bingley Wiley, and Pam Hughes Ward were trying to get together for dinner. Sandra Hutchison Schanné and Richard converted their garage into a dining room, expanded the kitchen, and built a photographic studio for Richard and a large shed in the back. Son Ricky, a landscaper, redesigned the side yard. Sandra hosted all the children and grandchildren for the holidays. Ricky, Monica, and family live nearby; Amy and Shawn came from Denver with their 3-year-old son and 14-month-old twins; and Brandon and Allison plus three came from Texas. It was the first time the entire family had gotten together since Brandon and Allison moved back from their five-year stay in Croatia.

Marty Spigel Sedoff was active during the campaign season with Minnesotans United for All Families’ attempt to defeat the marriage amendment. She joined the Minneapolis chapter of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) and got involved with chairing the technology and directory committees. Marty joined 17 women on a September AAUW trip to Europe. They toured Vienna, Cesky Krumlov in the Czech Republic, and Prague. Marty serves on the Edina High School (EHS) Thespian Boosters board, supports the theater program, coordinates trips for theater students, and has traveled annually with the group since 2003. Husband Bob designs and builds sets for Edina’s high school and middle school plays. Son John Riedlinger is a local actor who was to direct the EHS winter play, On the Razzle, and is the voice in TV ads for Beneful dog food. Son Jim lives in Wisconsin. Marty takes tap dance classes, entertains in nursing homes, and serves on a board for adult education in Edina.

Ginny Bateman Brinkley and husband Bill of Florida went to Ginny’s 50th reunion at Washington and Lee High School in Arlington, Va., in October and stayed with Mary Grace Wright Day. Also at the reunion were Lois Rucker Scott, Carol Bingley Wiley, and Lindy Minnick, who was at Mary Washington for three years. Ginny and Bill went to Deep Creek, Md., to investigate the sites of action in Ginny’s book, Earth Quest, available on Amazon. They journeyed into the hills of Virginia to research Ginny’s ancestors’ homes, locating her family’s five old homesteads, dating from the early 1800s, and had lunch in Fredericksburg.

Terry Caruthers of North Carolina took a summer vacation with her clan on Bald Head Island, S.C., and attended her 50th high school reunion in Monterey, Va. She and her husband cruised to Italy, Spain, Morocco, and Portugal, and spent a few days on their own in honor of their 45th anniversary.

The “MWC Fab Four” suitemates gathered at Julie Bondurant Freeman’s Summerville, S.C., home in September. Carol Pettigrew Hallman, Prentiss Davies Murphy, and Sally Albrecht Brennan met in Emporia, Va., and carpooled. They toured the Ashley River plantations and the Charleston Museum, lunched on Kiawah Island, and enjoyed the special Frogmore Stew that Julie’s husband, Bill, makes.

Betsy Chappelear Tryon of Redondo Beach, Calif., daughter Maureen, and granddaughter Maddy, 11, spent time in Seattle in August, then took an Alaskan cruise, seeing ice floes and spending an afternoon panning for gold. Betsy joined cousin Kathy in San Francisco in September. They spent time in Petaluma and Bodega Bay, and attended Kathy’s brother’s third wedding in Santa Rosa. Betsy has a meet-and-greet job at LAX and helped launch Maddy, who’s already only an inch shorter than she is, into middle school. Yvonne March of Tampa spends time with Chris, family, and her grandson. She toured Italy in July with a friend, spending time in Sorrento and Naples, and visiting relatives in Sicily.

Eileen Goddard Albrigo and Kathleen Goddard Moss spent most of the summer and fall assisting their 91- and 93-year-old parents, who celebrated their 70th anniversary in July. Soon afterward, Mr. Goddard passed away. Eileen enjoys her grandchildren, and in July, the family welcomed Benjamin Geoffrey Roth, Liz and Chris’ first child and the ninth Albrigo grandchild. Eileen and John’s children’s families are all in Northern Virginia, and they gather frequently.

Katharine Rogers Lavery tutored high school math students (mostly grandkids), played her horn at church, supported activities with the Pentagon Sailing Club, bowled in senior leagues, served on the vestry at St. John’s in Centreville, Va., and agreed to chair the church’s winter gala. Summer included the usual Nags Head, N.C., beach vacation with most of the family and several extended celebrations of husband Hank’s 80th birthday. Hank and Katharine took a September road trip through North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida, visiting friends and relatives, and spending two days in Myrtle Beach, S.C.