Letters to the Editor

Instagram-mag-iPadDear Editor,

The article [Meant to Be] in the fall/winter UMW Magazine on Marcy and Juney Morris was so inspirational. In this day and age, when people give up far too easily on their marriages, it is so sweet to hear of a couple who have been together for almost seven decades! And to know that their romance began at Mary Washington just adds to the story. Mary Washington has always been such a special place, and stories such as the Morrises’ make it even more so.

Thanks to the Morrises for sharing their beautiful love story and to your staff for bringing us such wonderful stories in each edition.

Kim Jones Isaac ’87
Lawton, Okla.

Dear Editor,

Interesting column by UMW President Richard V. Hurley in The Huffington Post that I read in University of Mary Washington Magazine, delivered today.

STEM is vitally important.

Mary Washington would be well positioned to stress STEAM – science, technology, engineering, ARTS, and mathematics. STEAM, both the concept and acronym, is not as well known but perhaps could be the subject of another column the president writes. Generally, “the arts” refers to music, art, dance, drama, and literature – all subjects that Mary Washington offers. So, combining STEM and STEAM, along with liberal arts, offers wonderful educational opportunities.

Helaine Patterson ’68
Hamden, Conn.

Dear Editor,

Such a terrific article [Memphis Museum Perfect Fit for Fashion Historian] about Karen Kilgore Ralston ’69. She is a special person, indeed. She was visiting her sister in Los Altos, Calif., a year or so ago, and she, Iris Harrell ’69, Suzanne McCarthy Van Ness ’69, and I got together for an afternoon, since I only live five minutes from Los Altos.

These alumni profiles help to strengthen the bonds made so long ago. Thank you for remembering those of us who graduated long ago but still have so much warmth in our hearts for UMW.

Phyllis Newby Thompson ’69
Atherton, Calif.