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Members of the Matthew Fontaine Maury Science Club of Mary Washington College, 1964

Give It Your Best Shot!

This 1964 photo is of members of the Matthew Fontaine Maury Science Club of Mary Washington College. We know about the club’s namesake – a 19th-century naval officer, oceanographer, and Fredericksburg native who sailed around the globe. But we know nothing about the aspiring scientists pictured here.
If you think you can identify any of them, please tell us! Leave a comment on this page or send an email with “Get the Picture” in the subject line:
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You Got It!


Franny Scavullo ’68 is on the left, but who is on the right? If you know her, please get in touch.

Linda Tucker Weaver ’68 and Donna Sheehan Gladis ’68 recognized one of their classmates, psychology major Frances “Franny” Scavullo ’68, pictured selling pumpkins on Lee Hall patio in the fall/winter 2015 issue of UMW Magazine. No one identified the woman on the right. If you know her, please get in touch with us.
A big thank you to Linda and Donna for helping us. We use the information from this column to identify those pictured in the Centennial Image Collection, part of the UMW digital collections, “Archives @ UMW.”

To see more images from Mary Washington history, visit  “The Centennial Image Collection,” part of Archives@UMW.

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