Heslep Amphitheatre, Morris Stage to Debut at Reunion 2018

perspective_h20_2webThe Heslep Amphitheatre – named for Donald B. and Josephine McPherson Heslep ’56 – is set to be dedicated June 2 during Reunion Weekend. The Hesleps have long been generous contributors to university initiatives, including a significant endowment for the UMW Philharmonic and $1.25 million for the amphitheatre renovation project.

The Board of Visitors also recently approved another alumni name in connection with the project. The amphitheatre’s stage is to be called the Morris Stage in honor of Marceline “Marcy” Weatherly Morris ’50 and Elmer “Juney” Morris Jr. ’50. The naming recognizes 100 years of family legacy connections and the couple’s significant campaign gift toward the restoration of the amphitheatre. The Morrises met on campus when Marcy was a student at the all-female college and Juney, a World War II veteran, was allowed to enroll under the GI Bill.

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