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Joyce Bristow Wrestler

The class of ’57 is on the move!

Many of Libby Fordham’s family members have moved to Spotsylvania, and she enjoys sharing time there with them.  She has spent much of 2018 also traveling to Florida, Texas, South Carolina, and Fredericksburg. Libby has been in touch with Trudy Hawk Powers, who has moved to a one floor apartment and loves it.  Nancy Ward Whitmore, of California, is proud of grandson, Colin, a junior at University of Maryland and granddaughter Olivia who went with Linda, born in China, to visit her birthplace.

Barbara Craft Grantz, took time out from getting her Virginia Beach home ready for market to spend three weeks with family in California where she was “treated like a queen” by Art, Kathy, Leila Lars and Christian.  They did the cooking, and entertained with new games.  Leila is volunteering at Shared Bread program at her church.  Barbara enjoyed seeing there a pageant in which the children portrayed animals of the manger scene at Christmas.  I’m sure she will be pleased to share details of the wonderful production.  Barbara is hoping that the house sale and the anticipated move to Woodbridge area will be at the same time.  She will be close to her MWC roommate and sister-in-law Helen, and Lu.

Dorothy Rice Clark is now living in Alpharetta, Georgia.  She lives with Mark Evans, her youngest son, in a big house with room for visitors.

Bruce Spain’s visit to Florida included an unexpected stay at Jupiter Medical Center, but it had a view and she was out in time for family Christmas.  Pre-Christmas plans to visit son Quigg Lawrence had to be altered due to Roanoke’s heavy snow. Quigg is a bishop in the Anglican Church.  Janie Watson Rawlings has moved to a retirement village in PA, Bruce reported.   Bruce, Betsy Ware, and Lucy Burwell, now living at Westminster Canterbury, attended the reunion.  Bruce wrote that Joan O’Shaughnessy Kaufman has passed away.

Sadly, Virginia Nettles Hutchinson passed away in December.  Her husband wrote that she had a stroke.

Kay Richardson Robson, has been living in the Lakewood Retirement Community for three years.  In May 2018 she married a “lovely man” from California who had come to live at the retirement home.  After the wedding they visited California.

Marlene Bost Braun has learned the importance of being a caregiver following the mild stroke of her husband Carl, but even with getting him to doctor’s appointments and  to exercise programs, she  manages to keep up with some of her church  and music activities.  Remember that beautiful organ music at college?  They are thankful for the years when they were privileged to travel.  Their daughter lives down the street, and recently a great grandson and his parents moved from Houston to Chesapeake.

My pal Jean Durham Busboso lives in Madison County, Virginia, which offers interesting museums and historical programs that may be of interest to you history buffs.  My husband and I visited Montpelier with Jean and Buz when it was in the beginning of restoration.  Very interesting place.

Betty May Rose Ballengee lives in Columbus, GA, but her family is “spread all over”.  They had a gathering of 12 for a few days at Christmas.  Two granddaughters are getting married this year, and there will most likely be gatherings then in Nashville and York, PA.

Ellen Hertz Hewitt and husband Charlie are very happy that they moved from their home of 52 years to an apartment two years ago.  She is delighted with the waterfowl on the lake.  “Life is smaller” she says since she no longer drives, and Charlie drive only short distances, but they are within walking distance of so much, and the neighbors often walk together.  She is still taking a French class, and Charlie is in a class where he is writing his memoirs.

Nancy Guest spent the holidays in Vail, Colorado with their grandchildren Kate, 15 and Halston , 2 I/2.

Mary Montague Sikes, artist, author and photographer, with her husband Olen visited Sedona, AZ in November where she took a Jan Sitts painting workshop at the Sedona Arts center.  She is one busy gal, teaching, signing books and more.  Her new book is Spirit Vision Soul Songs.

Pat Falkenbury Cook had hip replacement last May, and is now on the mend, though its being slower than she had anticipated, she attributes to the fact that we aren’t “spring chickens”.

Cliff and I haven’t taken a l-o-n-g trip since the January 2018 visit to New Zealand and Australia.  Maybe later.  He still works and I still participate in choirs.  I know I’m not a “spring chicken” when middle aged people address me as “Miss Joyce”.

Thanks for your notes.