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Edna Gooch Trudeau

It’s hard to believe how quickly the months go by – and here we are 2019 – our sixtieth year! We are an awesome group.

Several phone calls between Kay Rowe Hayes, Irene Piscopo Rodgers, and me. Kay was hospitalized for several problems – a slow recuperation but doing well now. All her kids and grandkids are fine. Irene and Kay attended the 2018 reunion in order to see friends, etc. Had a grand time!
Jane Tucker Broadbooks and I had a wonderfully long telephone conversation. She and John have moved to a retirement home a few minutes from Jon Karl and family. It’s easier for them with prepared meals, etc. John’s lung cancer is decreasing. He is still on dialysis, which slows him down some. Jane is hoping to meet with Molly Bradshar Clark in Charlotte and drive together to the 60th.

Julia Coates Littlefield and Mo wrote a very kind note concerning Matt (my son-in-law) and also shared the sadness of having beautiful loving sisters who are victims of severe dementia. Scott and Susan and family are still residing with Julia and Mo at this time as they make further decisions. In August, Julia and Mo will travel to Maine for their annual visit. Mo enjoys visiting his siblings. Bess and family is still in Richmond – they will drop by to see them on their trip to Maine.
Frances Bourke Firth and John celebrated their 60 anniv. In the fall with a four-week cruise to the South Pacific islands. Great news, Bunky’s and John’s youngest daughter is getting married. She found the man of her dreams. Bunky and John had a fantastic tour of Antarctica in February – said it was a land of whiteness and beauty.
Celeste Shipman Kaufman’s husband, Alan, wrote an update of the kids. Julie (daughter) and John’s middle child Francie and her husband have an 18-month-old son, Miles, who is already hitting golf balls with a plastic club. Yea, grandpa! However, they had a tragic loss in Oct when their second son, John Haven, did not survive a genetic defect after birth and went flying up to heaven to our own “Pug.” Austin, Julie and John’s oldest, earned his Ph.D. from the Univ. of Texas and is job hunting. Sarah their youngest is a junior in Samford and doing well.

Jeffry, Pug and Alan’s son, and wife Pam are doing well, too. Their oldest, Smylie, married in April to Frances, and lives about five minutes from Alan. Jeff’s and Pam’s son Luckie bought his first home and continues to work for a CPA firm.

Sad voice mail from Dorothy Reeder Hruby. We have lost dear Jane Howard Buchanon – These news reports always break my heart.

My sweet Lucas found a piano lesson on Yahoo and taught himself. Virginia found a super piano teacher and Lucas has a brand new interest he loves. Dear old Tom would be thrilled!
Sorry, not much news. Are we getting old, forgetful and slow!