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Christmas cards brought news from Karen Vandevanter Morrison, Jeanne Chabot Wallis, Mary A. Settle Johnson and Linda Gulnac Steelman.  Karen and Jeanne are enjoying their grandchildren.  Karen’s daughter moved to Portland, Oregon so they see each other much more often.

Mary A. has had quite a year.  The best news is that her cancer check-ups are continuing to be normal after intensive treatment.  Mary A. lives in Panama City, FL so saw Hurricane Michael first hand.  She lives at the beach and did better than those in town, including her son.  As of December, he still had a blue tarp covering his roof area.

Linda wrote that Bill preached his last sermon on May 6th and retired as Associate Minister  Linda retired from the Nantucket Historical Association.  They have decided to move to a life care community and are on the wait list for Kendal/Crosslands in Kennett Square, PA.

Frany Lee Carr writes that life is grand in Huntington Beach.  She says she has been blessed with excellent health, enjoys outdoor activities and lots of friends. Her son Lance lives in Huntington Beach with his wife Kazuko and her daughter Cynthia lives in New York with husband Dave and two sons.

Suellen Grant Knowles calls 2018 her recovery year after getting a pacemaker in 2017.  Ginger Logie Carr wrote that she and her husband planned to see Dick and Carol Van Ness Clapp and Eileen Hildebrand Andrews and Ray in December 2018.  Hope to have some news about this get together for the next issue.  Barbara Grant Knowles and Russell Hatcher Haggerty sent a get well messages to me but no news about themselves.

Susan Woodward Kilborn writes that any day she, “doesn’t hurt and can remember her name is a great day, so the level of definition of top notch health doesn’t have to be thaaaaaat high, just high enough.”  Great attitude Susan!!  Kay Barrett Bilisoly says,”….getting old isn’t for sissies!”

Ethel Thomas Sanford has lived in Long Beach, CA, for 50 years.  Her husband Tom worked there for his entire career, and they raised their two boys there, She taught kindergarten some of the time, plus still volunteered with the Junior League, Symphony, and Episcopal Church. Tom died last May, so she is making her way down a new path. She is blessed to have dear friends and family nearby.

Ethel says, “The only MWC classmate I see out here is Susan Ring Keith who lives in Coronado and is busy with civic and Navy endeavors, plus her grandchildren.”

Arlene Drescher Wilson saw Julie Burch Southall while she was visiting her son.  In September Arlene spent an incredible ten days painting in Valmondois France, Charles DeGaulle’s weekend home northwest of Paris.  His grandniece, Amelie, lives in Nashville. The DeGaulle family has organized ‘FranceWithFriends.com’ to share their remarkable culture of art and food with the world.

Gloria Moskowitz Fischel had a wonderful Alaska trip last summer with her two youngest grandchildren.  Glo has been volunteering in schools reading to “at risk” children, who come from non- English speaking homes and have little to no support at home. What fun to be sort-of teaching again and enjoying their smiles and enthusiasm? 

Betsy Chamberlain Hartz writes, “Mary Saunders Latimer, Eleanor Powell Darden Nancy Lee Leidy and I see Sally Tarrant Bernert and she is a real trooper dealing with her health issues. She is an inspiration to us.

I will be in Richmond in April for my H.S. reunion so hope to get by and see Sally too.

Thanks for all the news and keep it coming.