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Susan Rowe Bunting

I was so happy to hear from Barbara Ioanes and to catch up with her. Barbara has been good about keeping up with many of you. I hope you will email me so we can include some of your MWC reminiscences or stories about your life today in our next issue.  Right now (January 13, 2019) I am watching the snow climb up to two feet and itching to put on my cross country skis and roam the beautiful New Hampshire woods. I am so fortunate to live in the small town of Wolfeboro on Lake Winnepesaukee with miles of woods and cross country trails. All I can hear is the sound of my skis shooshing along the snow. Often I will come upon a deer or two who move away from the trail quickly,  I only catch a glimpse of white from their uplifted tails as they leap gracefully away from me. And then others will just stand their ground, stare, and let me pass. I talk softly to them as I glide by and they seem very attentive and then ignore me. The story of my life!  Happy New Year all and please write.

From Barbara Ioanes

I left my job and apartment in Washington DC after the riots here in 1968, which were prompted by the Martin Luther King assassination. I toured Europe by myself and ended up in Athens, Greece, where I taught American English as a second language. I was able to support myself for a year, and lived on the islands of Crete and Corfu in the summer. When I returned to Washington, I continued my career in the Federal government, and retired shortly after I turned 50. I’ve been married, have a son, step-daughters, and grandchildren. Currently, I keep active in community service. However, I enjoy most of all helping my son and his wife with their 3 month old infant and 2 year old toddler. Thanks to all my MW friends who have kept in touch with me.

My best,

Bronwyn “Bronnie” Jones Polk spends summers in St. Louis, Missouri, and winters in St. Petersburg, Florida. She would love to get together for lunch with classmates when they’re in either area. She and her husband, married 50 years, have two children and four grandchildren and have lived in six states. They met when Bronnie, a nutrition major, was an Air Force dietitian and second lieutenant in South Dakota soon after graduating from Mary Washington.

Elizabeth (Betsy) Churchman Geary, MWC ‘64.

My husband Ray and I traveled with classmate Margaret (Peggy) Morgan Tarr and four other friends to Iceland and Norway last August for two weeks. Ray and I then extended our travels in Norway on a week-long cruise up Norway’s beautiful western coast. We also visited several of his Norwegian cousins descended from his maternal great-grandparents. This was one of several trips we’ve taken with Peggy to Europe and the US over the past five years. Ray and I will celebrate our 55th anniversary with a nine-day cruise to Cuba in January. We’ve visited 78 countries and six continents the past two decades—our motto: Cover the earth before it covers us