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Joyce Hines Molina

In June our class celebrated our 45th reunion sharing memories of the past and learning about the future of Mary Washington. Since then you received a postcard asking you to send me your news for Class Notes.  As your Class Notes agent, I encourage you to take time to send at least two or three sentences once a year. Let’s stay in touch.

Our four-year-old granddaughter was in her first dance recital and stole the show when, in her enthusiasm at “9 o’clock rock”, her tap shoe flew off and she spent most of the dance putting it back on, only to jump up and rejoin the dance in progress. There she was all smiles and a look of determination. The audience went wild and applauded loudly.  In August we explored Alaska on the Alaska Railroad. Starting in Fairbanks we covered the 600 miles to Seward with incredible stops along the way.  While we were in Alaska sister Grace Hines Sorey ’70 traveled with Bill to Norway. We both took tours crossing the Arctic Circle within hours of each other – just in different countries.  Spent time with Anne Bevins Cooper, Jeanne Coats Black, Virginia Davey Addison and others at the Richmond Alumni meeting in October.  Anne and husband Jerry also traveled in Alaska this summer, taking a cruise. Virginia and Will enjoyed a trip to Maine; otherwise they are devoted to their five grandchildren. I recently learned that friend and fellow parishioner, Sally Smith, is a graduate of the class of 1958. Sally is an energetic world traveler.

Marianne Schwartz Reed:  I retired a year ago last October from my job in a mental health clinic, where over a 35-year period I was privileged to have the opportunity to work in many different areas to serve people in my community. My husband Smokey and I are lucky to be able to have time to travel, read, go to music concerts, sleep late, and when the mood hits us, to pare down our possessions! We enjoy our families more, who are spread out around the country, because we have the time to get in the car and go see them! We are putting more balance in our life, including a daily water yoga class. After breaking a shoulder, the spring before I retired, I am determined to have no more falls!  Some of my various step children are grandparents, one of my nieces has a baby coming soon. I am putting my faith in the young new generation to battle all the battles. I am nostalgic about all the concerts I managed to attend: The Doors in 1967, The Allman brothers in 1971, Ella Fitzgerald in 1978, Placido Domingo in 1982, Bonnie Raitt in 1990, John Prine many times, James Taylor, Joan Baez, and many more.  It is a good feeling look back and feel good about it all, knowing that one of the major foundations of my life was the 4 years of freedom I had at Mary Washington. It is great to anticipate future concerts and adventures and new friends and family.