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Sid Baker Etherington

Suzy Passarello Quenzer

Diane Smith reports that she finally retired in March 2018 from the fast paced world of academic librarianship at George Mason University. She and her husband, Steve, sold their Great Falls house in April, and moved to Westmoreland County to a house on Rappahannock River. The nearest town has one stop light…after you pass through the town! It is lovely no longer being in the daily grind of living and commuting in Northern Virginia.  In June she hosted an “old girls” reunion with Pam McGahagin and Pat Denton’s daughter, Kate; it was bittersweet but healing for all. In August she and Steve traveled to Thailand to visit their son, daughter in law, and two grandsons, ages 2 and 4 months. She reports that Bangkok is an amazing city and the Thai culture is a welcoming one.

Bev Hayes Vaughn is now a grandmother. Sloane Ella Shafer was born to daughter Amanda and her husband, Ben, on Jan. 8.