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Madelin Jones Barratt

Wendy Francis wrote from the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia near Vancouver where she moved in 2016.  She intended to work less, but has been the Executive Director of the Sunshine Coast Community Foundation.  She plans to retire in about three years.  She stays in contact with Robin Rimmer Hurst and spent New Year’s with her family in Mexico.

Patti Finnamore Wingfield, Margaret Spivey and Ann Chryssikos McBrooom traveled to Virginia Beach in January to visit Robin Hotchkin Warren at her beautiful condo two blocks from the beach!  The weather was fine to walk to the ocean, shop a little and have some great food.

Lundy Baker Updike had a bit of a Hallmark/Folgers Coffee Christmas (remember those teary ads?) with one son coming in by plane, another one by train, and the third by car. They decorated the house with everything they could find, baked too many cookies, cheesecakes, and breads, and had a wonderful time! Next year they are wondering about a destination holiday, but where to go? She and Jim are planning round two of house improvements (siding, windows – all the exciting stuff) which will fit in and around a late-spring trip to California to visit son Tom as well as a few warm weeks down south.

Mary Ruth Burton is still at the helm of Burton-Fuller Management, an organizational development and executive coaching firm she started 32 years ago in Richmond.  Their clients are all over the country.  She is now grandmother to three under two as her son and his wife had boy/girl twins who are not quite two and a new baby boy in November.  Christmas was a blast as she gave the twins tap shoes!  She and her husband and enjoy their house in Irvington when not working in Richmond.  Dawn Hill and her husband visited Mary Ruth at the river this past summer.  They are planning a sailing trip to Spain this summer.  She saw Hannah Patterson Crew at Christmastime.  She and Todd have a grandson, Winston Crew Johnson, born to daughter Elizabeth and husband Chris on December 12th.  Hannah retired last fall and loves it.  It gives her the time to visit daughter Emily and husband Brandon in St. Petersburg, FL and help with Winston, too.

Eva Grace is still working at the American College of Cardiology in DC.  She and her husband Brett, son John and his fiancée Noelle recently visited her sister Ellen Jaronczyk,’70, in Williamsburg.  They are busy planning John and Noelle’s July wedding.

Ann Singleback Devereux is enjoying retirement in Ashburn, VA, and likes having her kids visit.  Her daughter Allison is in her 11th year of teaching elementary strings in Fairfax County.  Daughter Meredith is a television news producer in Baltimore at WBFF.  Her son Andrew. UMW ’12, is working at REI in Woodbridge and finishing his MS in Urban Planning at Tech in Alexandria.  Ann is in 2 book clubs, spends time exploring Loudoun County and sleeping late!

Jan Biermann wrote that she was let go at work back in March ’18 and thinks she might have to declare herself retired.  This is earlier than she planned, but she is going to try to enjoy life while she can.  Her boyfriend of 10 years had a knee replacement, so she is helping nurse him back to health. Jan’s former roommate, Carolyn Roberts, is retiring in March after 40 years in the commercial banking industry.  She is looking forward to lots of travel and spending time with friends.  She has a trip planned to Chile and Easter Island in April with hiking and biking!

Henry and I celebrated our daughter Anna’s marriage here in Fairfax to Abel Ferreira Mendes who hails from Paris last August.  He just completed his master’s degree in philosophy.  They have settled here in Northern Virginia.  She recently started a consulting job in the food industry.  She has been a chocolatier for the past 3 years.  Our older two children William and Ellen and their spouses are also in Northern Virginia and we often see them and our four grandchildren.  It is a blessing to have our family close by and I think it keeps us young.  Might be wishful thinking on my part!