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Janet Fuller

Life has really been busy since we last reported.  Washington Capitals had a great year winning their first ever Stanley Cup.  Happy to report that my husband Tom and I enjoyed attending the games and cheering our team to victory.

Carol Mills, who retired from full-time teaching in 2014, continues to work part-time for Prince William County Schools. In the fall of 2018, she took on an adjunct position with Old Dominion University in order to supervise a student teacher. Carol continues to be an avid baseball fan and enjoyed going to the All-Star game, hosted by her favorite team, the Nationals. Besides attending concerts and theatrical performances, the highlight of 2018 was a tour of Italy with her church choir.

Martha Weaver Campbell writes to say she and her husband Dave enjoy their 3 grandchildren and are so glad they live close enough to help out when needed.  She continues to keep busy with her business, Trinity Title but she is encouraging Dave to retire after more than 35 years with Lowes.  In 2017 she started the Weaver-Vaden Cousin Reunion, hosting 3 generations of cousins for a weekend and has happily watched cousins from 5 states come together to catch up and enjoy family, food and fellowship.  Martha says it has strengthened those bonds and now they all connect with each other on facebook almost daily as well as more visits in person

Pamela Brown writes, “Our mothers tried to warn us~ time speeds up as you age, and this year has flown by. The passing of some good friends reminds us to enjoy life as much as possible as we go along… so while I do the occasional 75 hr week in application support, I also make sure to take ALL of my vacation days.  The biggest batch this year was used in May for cruising on Carnival Vista’s inaugural journey out of Trieste, to Croatia, Montenegro, Greece (Athens & Crete), Malta, Italy (Sicily, Rome, Florence), Marseilles ( with tour/tasting at Chateauneuf du Pape vineyard), and ending in Barcelona in time to join the street celebration of team Barca winning an all-Spain championship.  My roomie on this trip was a cruisepal who lives in Edinburgh – Scotland, not VA~ hadn’t seen her in years, and we enjoyed hanging with my many office friends who were also enjoying the inaugural cruise. I still had enough leave left for a long weekend for the opening of Ortanique restaurant at the Cliff Hotel in Negril Jamaica.  A handful of friends & I are great fans of Chef Cindy Hutson and her partner Delius Shirley (and dine at Ortanique in Coral Gables at least once a month), so we were very happy to see a LOT of positive press coverage for them. And then there was Fantasy Fest in Key West… Halloween for adults.  While what happens at Fantasy Fest stays at Fantasy fest~ I will admit I stopped well short of going the body-paint route. But I highly recommend it for anyone who still has ‘body issues’ – you will see bigger smaller wider thinner taller shorter and EVERYONE is having a fabulous time.  I was with a handful of friends in a group theme, and we came in 4th at Sloppy Joe’s costume contest. Thanksgiving was spent quietly with a few friends – and then the town exploded on Black Friday with news that Fidel Castro was dead {some pointed out the irony of prime socialist passing on the most capitalistic of ‘holidays’). I think some Cuban friends are still celebrating down at Versailles restaurant ; Between that and a new president, it will be interesting to see what happens in the coming year (Folks might want to take advantage of Fathom cruises or flights to Havana soon, just in case we go back to embargo-era tactics!)  Whichever way the wind blows – I wish all the best to my friends!