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Tara Corrigall

Virginia Deane Bushman (Ginger)’82 shared that her daughter graduated from VCU in the spring of 2018 and set her sights on living in Florida.  Ginger and her husband will help move her this summer and spend time with brother in law Mark Bushman and his wife Kim Strafalace Bushman (both alumni).  Ginger retired from teaching in 2015 and works part time for the schools.  She enjoyed walking the campus and showing off all the new buildings when Laura Wong Dolloff ‘83 visited last summer. She also still hears from Virginia Wagner Pugh (82) and her roomie Tad Stanley( Margaret Gillie).  Rhonda Nash’82 wrote that her niece “Calli-co”, Calli Fox graduated from UMW in 2011 and her nephew, Lucas Hidalgo graduated in 2018.  She is a proud alumnae and an even prouder Aunt.  Douglas K Harvey’82 wrote that he graduated with a BLS degree in Historic Preservation in 1982 (lived off campus, married and 28). He had taught history and English for five years but always had a burning desire to work in museums.  MWC gave him an internship at the Smithsonian and with the HP degree, he embarked on a 36 year career in Virginia museums, working in Manassas, Richmond, and finally his home town of Lynchburg for the last 12 years. He retired at the end of 2017 but is consulting on a limited basis.  MWC/UMW gave him a career and he will never forget the kindness of the faculty; especially Bill Crawley, a Class act, who helped plot his course as the school tried to figure out what to do with a guy that had a BS in Education, History and English from Radford. Doug later hired Scott Harris ’84 as Curator at The Manassas Museum.  Gray Wells’82 continues to recover from her late 2017 copperhead snake bite in her pool in Hilton Head. Her finger is doing well; she can almost make a closed fist, feeling close to normal.  Doctor says healing will continue until a year after bite and she is very hopeful the feeling will return to normal.  They moved back to Reston where she grew up and they are excited about this unexpected surprise downsize.  I know from social media that she has become an advocate for Reston issues.  Husband Dan retired Friday after 41 years with Boeing Computer Services and SAIC and may do some consulting.  They have kept their home in Hilton Head. At the annual UMW Scholarship luncheon this spring, Ellen Coleman ’82 and I were thrilled to meet the current recipient of the David Hawkens’82 scholarship.  We were able to share stories and background with her on his student days. Nancy Kaiser ’82, wife Mary, Debbie Barker’82, Annmarie Cozzi’82, JB Blair’82 and I held a mini reunion in Bethany Beach and celebrated Annmarie’s retirement.  JB is now President-Elect of the UMW Alumni Association and chaperoned a high school trip to London and Paris in January; glad she majored in French.  Vicki Haynes Morris ’82 is still living in Wisconsin but took the big step of downsizing in 2018 which was no easy task with a hubby with a large M&M collection. Carol G. Guerin’82 is  currently working in a Career and Technical High School in Chesterfield County, she  got burned out as a Medical Malpractice Paralegal and switched careers with Virginia’s Career Switcher program 17 years ago, she teaches Legal Systems Administration and Oracle Programming, her programs have been cited by the state as Success Stories for both the Microsoft Technology Associates Certifications for having a 90% success rate for our classes and for the success of my graduates from both programs. When daughter Jessie’s wedding announcement came out a year ago Carol and Laura Shreave had lunch in the West End and caught up with each other’s lives. It was a lot of fun and it was as if we were right back at Mary Wash.

She and husband Ken recently celebrated their 35th anniversary in Oco Rios Jamaica. Their youngest daughter Jessie just celebrated her first wedding anniversary Labor Day weekend; middle daughter Carrie is an Analyst for the FBI here in Richmond and oldest daughter Dani is a Preschool teacher in Lorton, VA. Her Dad passed away in March 2018 after an 8 year struggle with Alzheimer’s.  Now empty nesters, they are looking forward to retirement in 6 years.  As for me, I had a fabulous time at my high school reunion in Helena Montana this summer reconnecting with old friends and visiting Yellowstone.  I had my bear spray ready but didn’t need to use it.  I stay busy with my job and volunteer work and have been fortunate to represent UMW at various student admission events.  My pride for our alma mater grows every day and I must say it has been fun learning and introducing potential students to our school without telling stories of keg parties in the ACL ballroom and road trips to UVa.  Facebook continues to report out on weddings and retirements but I encourage you to send me your news.