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Marcia Guida James

Leslie Bellais writes:

After 28 years,  8 months, and 9 days at the Wisconsin Historical Society, I am retiring from my position as Curator of Social History. On the same day I retire, I will begin a new position as a teaching assistant in the US history department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I’ve also been working on my dissertation for the past two years and hope to have it finished this semester and then graduate in May 2019 with a Ph.D. in U.S. history/material culture. I have no plans what I’ll be doing with my life after that.

From Lisa Wright ’83:

The year was my toughest ever.  I lost my dad my senior year at MWC and sadly my mother this summer.  As I readjust to so much and after a full career of 30 years in law enforcement and retirement as a Captain, I am pursuing a full time real estate career.  I received my license in the 90s but have been on referral and part-time basis.  With the excitement of Amazon coming to VA and a baseball stadium to Fredericksburg I look forward to exciting “after” career!  I also sell Magnolia and Vine an exciting versatile jewelry and accessory company.