UMW, Germanna Seal Transfer Deal

UMW President Troy Paino and Germanna Community College President Janet Gullickson meet to sign the Guaranteed Transfer Partnership Agreement. Robert A. Martin photo.

UMW has long welcomed transfer students from nearby Germanna Community College, but a new agreement enhances the relationship between the two institutions and gives the transfer students a better chance of success.

President Troy D. Paino and GCC President Janet Gullickson signed the Guaranteed Transfer Partnership Agreement in February. The agreement creates curricular pathways that will smooth the transition from two- to four-year programs, making it easier for transfer students to graduate on time. The enhanced transfer pathway is similar to an agreement forged between Northern Virginia Community College and Mary Washington last June.

Presidents Paino and Gullickson said the agreement also will enable students transferring from Germanna to UMW to earn bachelor’s degrees sooner, with less student debt. The collaboration will bring the degrees into reach for a broader group of students.

“It’s imperative that we bring together students from varied backgrounds and diverse perspectives, who not only learn together, but work together to solve problems and serve our communities,” said Paino, who noted that the partnership closely aligns with the university’s larger mission of diversity and inclusion.

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