Book Report

Featured Books

How to Feel: The Science and Meaning of Touch

Assistant Professor of Communication Sushma Subramanian

Columbia University Press, February 2021

Subramanian’s timely work explores the scientific, physical, emotional, and cultural aspects of feeling, even as the pandemic has changed society’s relationship with touch in fundamental ways.



The Conductors

Nicole Glover ’10

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, March 2021

This historical fantasy set in the 1870s tells of a couple who once used their magical abilities to help enslaved people escape to freedom via the Underground Railroad. Now, post-Civil War, they use their magic to solve murders. It’s the first book in Glover’s Murder & Magic series.


Books of Note

Are You Gregg’s Mother?

Charlotte Gregg Morgan ’67

memoir, Legacy Book Press January 2021


Hidden City: The Unimaginables, Book 1

Jen Furlong ’14

young adult novel, Masterful Person Company Publishing

audiobook, March 2021; paperback, April 2021


Ces Couleurs Qui Nous Trompent

Delphine Ngo Kattal ’17

French-language novel,
Vérone Publishing

February 2021

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