Books by Alumni

The Life and Death of Poetry: Poems

By Kelly Cherry ’61

In her ninth book of poetry, Cherry, former poet laureate of Virginia, examines the role that language and communication – from silence and the unsaid to literature and poetry – play in people’s lives. The collection won the 2013 L.E. Phillabaum Poetry Award. Charles Rammelkamp, poet, fiction writer, and editor, wrote of the work, “Steeped in poetic tradition, Kelly Cherry’s poems are nevertheless fresh and unique, bursting off the page.”

Louisiana State University Press, March 2013



March With Me

By Rosalie T. Alico Turner ’62

Motivated partially by this year’s 50th anniversary of the sometimes-forgotten Children’s March, Turner tells the separate, yet related, stories of Letitia and Martha Ann, two girls – one black and one white – growing up in Birmingham, Ala., during the time of the civil rights movement. The book follows the girls’ family dynamics and life struggles as they’re shaped by segregation and prejudice. Alma Powell, an audiologist and wife of former Secretary of State Colin Powell, called March With Me “a realistic, authentic, and compelling narrative of a crucial period in our nation’s history.”

Cypress Creek Publishing, March 2013


Wild Discoveries: Wacky New Animals

By Heather L. Martin Montgomery ’92

This educational book for 7- to 10-year-olds features fascinating newly discovered animal species like the hot pink dragon millipede of Thailand, the see-through Condor glass frog of Ecuador, and the giant-eyed tarsier of Indonesia. Montgomery uses full-color photos and curious facts about dietary needs and defense mechanisms to explore these strange, often startling creatures from oceans, islands, rain forests, and mountains around the world.

Scholastic Paperbacks, February 2013



To See the Queen

By Allison Seay ’02

In her début book of poetry, Seay focuses on the speaker’s relationship with Liliana, who is Seay’s “queen.” The poems speak to an inner world of indecision and loneliness but also of spiritual resurgence. The collection, which won last year’s Lexi Rudnitsky First Book Prize in Poetry, has been called honest and direct. Seth Abramson, poet, editor, attorney, and freelance journalist, called the work “eloquently brave” and “as satisfying as poetry gets.”

Persea, April 2013



How to SUP With Your PUP: A guide to stand up paddleboarding with your dog

By UMW Assistant Director of Design Services Maria Christina Schultz, M.Ed. ’11

This guide to sharing stand up paddleboarding, one of the hottest new trends in water sports, with your dog touches all the bases just in time for summer. From information about choosing the right gear to tips for training your pooch to take to the paddleboard – both in and out of the water – Schultz gives adventure lovers all the tools they’ll need to bond and not make a splash with their four-legged friends.

April 2013