Retro Tech Is Must-Watch TV

AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire, the brainchild of Christopher C. Rogers ’05 and creative partner Christopher Cantwell, got great press leading up to its third season premiere in August. The New York Times headlined Halt in its “What You Should Watch” column. The Atlantic called it “one of TV’s most elegantly crafted shows.” And Variety gushed that the ’80s-era tech drama is “both a retro pleasure and a forward-looking gem.” The Emmy-nominated series follows a fictional startup as it tries to compete with the corporate behemoths of the computer boom. Halt and Catch Fire’s first season aired in 2014 and won the 2014 Critics’ Choice TV Award for Most Exciting New Series. Rogers, a Winchester native, has been writing for more than a decade. After graduating with a history degree from UMW, he worked as a researcher at The Atlantic in Washington, D.C. He headed to Los Angeles, worked as a research editor for Condé Nast’s Architectural Digest, and studied screenwriting at the Writers … [Read more...]