Book Report

Books by Faculty

Apology: A Novel By Assistant Professor of English Jon M. Pineda When 9-year-old Tom Serafino’s twin sister suffers a debilitating brain injury, a police investigation implicates his playmate Mario’s uncle, an immigrant transient worker known as Shoe. Innocent of the crime but burdened by his own childhood tragedy, Shoe takes the blame for what is in fact an accident caused by his young nephew, ensuring Mario’s chance at a future publicly unscarred. Library Journal gave Apology a starred review, calling it a “hauntingly poetic first novel about mistakes, love, and sacrifice. …Reminiscent of Alessandro Baricco’s SILK, this novel will appeal to lovers of literary fiction.” Milkweed Editions, June 2013 The Global President: International Media and the U.S. Government By Professor of Political Science and International Affairs Stephen J. Farnsworth, S. Robert Lichter, and Roland Schatz This student resource explores the evolving news coverage of the American government and … [Read more...]

Books by Alumni

Vectors: J. Robert Oppenheimer: The Years Before the Bomb By Kelly Cherry ’61 In her ninth chapbook – a precursor to a full-length book in progress – Cherry, former Virginia poet laureate, depicts the life of the physicist known as the father of the atomic bomb, from childhood to his time as director of the Manhattan Project. Parallel Press of University of Wisconsin Libraries, December 2012   The Inclusion Dividend: Why Investing in Diversity & Inclusion Pays Off By Mason Donovan ’91 and Mark Kaplan The authors share their views on how to create a diverse workplace that includes those with cultural, racial, and other differences, and why doing so is a wise business move that leads to innovative collaboration and stronger relationships with clients. Bibliomotion, May 2013   Reveal Your Detroit: An Intimate Look at a Great American City By Bradford Frost ’05 The Detroit Institute of Arts and dozens of Detroit community organizations … [Read more...]