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Victoria Taylor Allen

It is always a pleasure to hear from you. I received a recent email and assume you did too, that next year’s Reunion Weekend – our 50th! – will be May 30 through June 1. Save the date!

Priscilla Weatherby Ryan and Ed moved to the Eastern Shore of Maryland after raising their family in the D.C. area. They love their new home, as it is close to the water and not too far from their daughter and her husband and growing family. They live in Grasonville, Md., near the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

Nancy Booth was awarded the title of professor at Hudson County Community College in New Jersey. She received her Ph.D. in 2009. Congratulations, Nancy!

We send our heartfelt sympathy to Barbara Ioanes, whose mother, Betty, passed away in June at age 96.

Patti Jones Schacht’s family planned to visit Northern Ireland in August “to walk the land of the ancestors,” who came from County Down in 1853. Patti has a majestic bald eagle, a male red fox, and deer on their property. Patti has been recovering from shingles, and she and I urge classmates to speak to their internists about getting the shingles vaccine. It protects for life.

Barbara Kellam Latham and husband Roger moved in January to the Eastern Shore of Virginia, to Cape Charles, where Barbara grew up. Their older daughter had gone to Cape Charles to visit her grandmother and liked it so much she stayed there, so Barbara and Roger decided to move back to family as well. Unfortunately, soon after the move, Barbara’s mother died at age 94. As Barbara writes, “She had had a good, long run.” Our sympathy to you and the whole family, Barbara. Their younger daughter, Sara Latham ’92, lives in London.

Sally Crenshaw Witt stays busy with her fabulous garden and with her and Sam’s 1-year-old grandson, Henry. She said Sue Parker Burton’s new grandson is her eighth, and Barbara Humphries Davenport’s new granddaughter is her eighth! Are there any others of us with eight or more grandchildren?

Beverley Jackson Johnston and husband Jim arrived in Wildwood, N.J., from their home in Texas in the spring. They were thankful that Hurricane Sandy spared their New Jersey home from major damage. Beverley and Jim’s daughter, Anna, and husband Dale gave them their first grandchild last October. The baby is, as Barbara writes, “the love of our lives, of course!” Beverley is an involved and enthusiastic photographer.

Chris Scheuring Kapfer lives near Myrtle Beach, S.C., and has seven grandchildren. They were saddened by the loss of their oldest granddaughter, who passed away at age 20 in January of an illness. Another granddaughter was to begin college. One of Chris’ daughters raises alpacas on her Idaho ranch. An injured goose befriended Chris’ dog, a husky mix, even following them on walks.

As I (Vicky Taylor Allen) write this, I have plans to go to France to again guide a group of teachers and staff on a pilgrimage to the various places in Joigny, Burgundy, and Paris, where our worldwide Convent of the Sacred Heart schools were founded in 1800. I have worked for 27 years in the schools, first in New York City and now in Greenwich, Conn. Much to my astonishment, Ruth Pharr Sayre’s grandchild attends our NYC school on East 91st Street. In other news, thankfully, my home was undamaged in Sandy.

Keep in touch. By the time you read this, summer will be long over, but our activities may make you think back on summer days. Give some thought to our big 50th reunion year.