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Michelle Trombetta

Susan Lee Metzger, Elise Balkin Ice, Susan McAllister Walker, Abigail Baird Bartley, and Melinda DelVishio O’Neil had a mini-reunion in Fredericksburg. They toured campus and were impressed with the new facilities and the updates to Mason and Randolph halls.

Rob Edwards’ dramatic fiction novel, An Image of Us, centered on a love story (think Nicholas Sparks) and published by 1st Ride Enterprises, was getting fantastic reviews. Rob’s next novel, Purple Meadow, was due out in fall.

Jamie Simpson is director of meeting logistics for J. Spargo & Associates Inc., where she plans the fourth largest medical meeting in the U.S. She and Philip Stoneman ’94 of Vienna, Va., have been married 13 years and have children Kate, 8, and Jacob, 5. Phil was getting ready to be tour manager for The Dismemberment Plan, which includes members Eric Axelson ’94 and Jason Caddell ’93.

Jennifer Wilson Watson, resource development manager at Stafford Junction, a nonprofit that helps low-income kids, recruited and worked with several UMW interns this summer.

Becky Earle Middleton hung up her lobbying shoes and became chief operating officer of the Alliance to End Hunger early this year. She and husband Dennis of Arlington, Va., met through Jeff Seaman. They celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary in November 2012 and have two children.

In April, Jenn Wood Shand and husband Mike of Alexandria, Va., welcomed baby John William. In June, Susanna Fisher Parker and husband Rob welcomed Robert “Bobby” Reid, joining Stevie, 6, and Caroline, 2; Crissandra Finno Domroes and husband Stephen welcomed Matthew Joseph, joining big sister Catharine; and Jin Wong and wife Libby welcomed son Tate Ju-Yung, joining big brother Kai.

Stacie Tarbet Carson, an elementary school assistant principal, and husband James of Athens, Ga., welcomed first daughter Anneliese in January 2011. That May, Stacie received her Ph.D. in middle grades education from the University of Georgia. Family and friends, including Corie Tarbet ’01, Chappell Tyler Tommasi, Ailie Byers ’98, and Wes Heuvel ’98, helped celebrate. The couple planned to welcome their second daughter in September.

Jackie Curry Todaro, husband Jim, and children Courtney and Jeremy attended an April wedding in Curitiba, Parana, Brazil. Michael Hurt married Caroline Ball in May. Jeff Seaman and Jesse Freese, Mike’s friends since their Bushnell Hall days; Jeremy Blain ’98; Clint McCarthy ’98; Mike “Pasta” Paolino ’98; John Tani ’98; and Brian Lusk ’98 attended.