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Erika Giaimo Chapin

With fall, the leaves shifted colors along Campus Walk, and a new group of freshmen started out at old Mary Wash, just as we did 19 years ago. That number must be a typo, right? Anyway, here’s a report of achievements, events, and general news. I email to ask/accost people for updates every few months. If you aren’t getting emails, contact me at the address above, and I’ll add you to the list.

Alyson Andrews Ramsey is director of development at Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest near Lynchburg, Va. Anne and Tristan Daugherty-Leiter of Middleton, Wis., have children Griffin, MacKinnon, and Beatrix. They recently hosted Matt Galeone, Lara Fedorov, and Anne’s sister, Trish Daugherty ’03. Matt works at Lockheed Martin, started an independent publishing company, and plans to publish his sci-fi adventure trilogy, The Champion of Clarendon Ditch. Matt’s son, Aaron Christopher, was born in June.

Adrien Snedeker Dickerson was holding down the fort in Northern Virginia while husband Adam served in the Coast Guard out of Cape May, N.J. Kevin Adkins lives in Alexandria with his wife and three children, works at Forbes Media, and performs with his band, Icewagon Flu.

In May, Larissa Lipani Peluso-Fleming welcomed a daughter, joining Anthony and Deacon. She planned to leave Virginia, as husband Michael accepted a position in Raleigh, N.C. Larissa is excited she’ll be closer to Bradley Hopper ’99, Rick Oppedisano ’96, and Brian Daly ’97.

Sara Leedom spent the summer in Rwanda, working with the African Entrepreneur Collective, and was in India for a yearlong fellowship with Shell Foundation. Sean Tuffy and wife Lorraine are still overseas and compete in a recreational co-ed hurling league.

In February, Chrissy Harakal and husband Andrew welcomed second son Ryan James, joining big brother Alexander. Angie O’Connor Walger, a project manager with Capital One, where she’s worked for 15 years, and husband Adam welcomed son Connor David in January.

We spent a week on Martha’s Vineyard, toured colleges in Maine, and saw some of you folks down in not-at-all sweltering Northern Virginia. We subsisted on Darien Berkowitz Jacobson and husband Andy’s award-winning barbecue, met up with Adrien Snedeker Dickenson, and strolled Campus Walk with Katie Shea Britton, husband Craig, and daughters Emma and Claire.

Don’t forget to email me so I can hit you up for an update in a few months!