Get the Picture

Give It Your Best Shot

The snow started overnight Sunday, Jan. 7, 1996, and didn’t let up for two full days. By the time the Blizzard of ’96 ended, the East Coast was shut down from North Carolina to Maine, and the Mary Washington campus lay beneath 21 inches of snow. The mammoth storm meant canceled classes – and a perfect occasion to slide down the hill behind Brent House. With sleds in short supply, one student turned a silver platter into an upscale ride. Can you help us identify the innovative sledder in this Barry Fitzgerald photo from Jan. 8, 1996? Leave a comment with your thoughts. Or send an email with “Get the Picture” in the subject line to You Got It! Thanks to Helen Tracy Totura ’43, we know one of the three “cheerful pie-making girls” featured in the last Get the Picture challenge in the spring 2014 UMW Magazine. Helen identified Alice Burton Chappell ’43, her suitemate in her second year, as the baker kneeling in the foreground. Alice, a home economics major, passed … [Read more...]