Give It Your Best Shot!

This edition’s photo takes us back to the 1980s, when the Mary Washington sciences were housed in Combs Hall. Chemistry and other science departments moved to the Jepson Science Center when it opened in 1998, in part because the Combs lab space was cramped and outdated. The student pictured here studies powders and liquids in a Combs Hall chemistry lab, but that is all we know about her. If you can help us identify her, we’d like to hear from you. Go online to and click on “Get the Picture” to leave a comment. Or send an email with “Get the Picture” in the subject line to You may also write to: UMW Magazine – Get the Picture 1301 College Ave. Fredericksburg Va. 22401-5300 … [Read more...]

You Got It!

Sally Crenshaw Witt ’64 commented online that the student pictured in the middle in the last edition’s Get the Picture was her suitemate Brunhilde “Prunie” Wyrick ’64. Sally didn’t remember the name of the girl pictured on the right, but she did remember that she had a bright yellow VW bug! Patricia “Bonnie” Polt ’64 chimed in that she was the girl on the right who had the VW, which she named “Bumble” because of its color. Bonnie and Prunie were roommates, and “Nancy,” the girl on the left, lived on their hall, but Bonnie didn’t recall her last name. Bonnie thinks that the photo was probably taken in either their junior or senior year in their dorm, Ball Hall, but she didn’t remember what they were doing or why the photo was taken. These days, Bonnie lives in Fogelsville, Pennsylvania, with her husband; between them they have 11 grandchildren. If anyone identifies the girl on the left, it’s not too late to let us know. Other names mentioned as possible IDs were Allie-Blue Habel … [Read more...]