Closing Column

UMW Named “Great College to Work For” 

The following remarks are excerpted from a Q&A with President Troy Paino that focused on how he used feedback from a Great Colleges to Work For survey of university employees completed in 2016, a year when UMW did not make the cut. Having just taken the helm at Mary Washington then, President Paino used the results as a platform for change and setting of priorities. In only three years, his initiatives paid off – of 152 four-year institutions nationwide that participated in this year’s survey, UMW was among 60 selected as a Great College to Work For.    Below are excerpts of Troy Paino’s responses in the Q&A:   The survey gave me an important diagnostic tool to better understand how the people who work here felt about the state of the university. To move UMW forward, we needed the faculty, staff, and administrators to be fully invested in the school’s strategic direction. To get this sort of investment, our senior leadership had to build trust and instill hope. The 2016 … [Read more...]