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Give It Your Best Shot!

We know very little about this photo from the Mary Washington archives. It was produced from a negative on which someone had written in pencil, “Cavalry Club.” The image holds no other information − not even the year it was taken. If you know who the rider is or have any other information about the photo, please comment below. In the last issue! Last issue's image of Gloria Steinem on a 1972 McGovern-for-president campaign stop in Fredericksburg prompted memories from several readers. Tom Elliott of Charlottesville, Va., recognized Barbara Hanger ’76 (center) from their days as students together at Waynesboro High School. As the father of UMW art major Cheryl Elliott ’13, Tom Elliott receives UMW Magazine. Hanger, an associate professor of art education at the University of Louisville, emailed Elliott that she remembered the rally. “I also remember that I was wearing a new poncho that my mother knitted and had just mailed to me.” Ann Chryssikos McBroom ’76 identified … [Read more...]