Book Report

The Dogs Don’t Bark In Brooklyn Any More

By Eric Robert Nolan ’94 Dagda Publishing, November 2013 Rebecca is the daughter of a hero, a veteran soldier of the Wolf War. Now she is a captain in the Special Animal Warfare Service, fighting, as her father did, against the super intelligent wolves that have taken over most of the continental U.S. In this post-apocalyptic science fiction tale, the odds are stacked against the human race and favor its smart, fearless enemy. Nolan, who studied psychology at Mary Washington, tells the story in a narrative that shifts between Rebecca’s tumultuous life growing up in Brooklyn and her current struggle to keep herself and her allies alive. The first book of the Wolf War saga, it weaves human resentment and distrust with themes of friendship and loyalty. Other Books by Faculty and Alumni Managing the Classroom Environment: Meeting the Needs of the Student By Suzanne G. Houff, professor of education R&L Education, October 2013 This work defines the five basic needs – … [Read more...]