Putting Mary Washington First

President Richard V. Hurley never lost sight of his goal for UMW: That it be one of the nation’s premier public liberal arts and sciences universities. His term in office began just as the country emerged from a shattering economic recession, a time when public funds for higher education dwindled. College students and their parents were also affected, with fewer resources to channel toward tuition and expenses. The five-year, $50 million Mary Washington First campaign is vital to the future of UMW, helping students and faculty stretch to their fullest potential. Money raised allows the university to do things it otherwise couldn’t: Extend more scholarships, endow more professorships, and enhance research and internship opportunities. As of mid-March, more than $47.5 million had been raised with more than three months remaining in the campaign. All of these help UMW attract high-caliber students and faculty, and position itself to keep improving well into the future. You’ll read … [Read more...]