Get the Picture

Give It Your Best Shot!

Who knew packing for travel could be so much fun? Or are these students unpacking souvenirs from a spring-break getaway? The photo is undated and the subjects’ names are unknown, but they look very happy with the contents of the suitcase. If you can help us identify these three travelers, we’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment, or send us an email. You may also write to: UMW Magazine – Get the Picture 1301 College Ave. Fredericksburg, Va. 22401-5300. … [Read more...]

You Got It!

The creative members of the Class of ’94 who dressed up as Interstate 95 for Halloween were, left to right, Megan Carter Shepherd, Heidi Heise Pardue, and Patricia “Tricia” Cleary Lenney. Wes Cantrall ’93 was the first to identify the three. He shared the sad news that Tricia Cleary Lenney passed away in 2013. Others who helped with identifications are Tisha Custis Henderson ’93, Sarah Lange ’94, Stacy Tench ’94, Jeff Kramer ’96, and Andy Whitman ’97. Though he graduated with the Class of ’97, Andy started at Mary Washington with the Class of ’94 and remembers being in biology lab with Heidi Heise Pardue. Thanks to all! We use this column to supplement photo information for UMW’s digital collections. To see more images, go to and choose the Centennial Image Collection. … [Read more...]