Give It Your Best Shot!

Mary Washington’s first major art exhibit opened in 1956 in conjunction with the inauguration of Grellet C. Simpson as chancellor. Organized by Professor of Art Emeritus Julien Binford and featuring 50 works from New York dealers, the show became an annual event.

Art students were asked to study – and sometimes copy – the works on display, and the début exhibit sparked the tradition of student participation in mounting the show.

Do you recognize this young art student who posed with a painting outside Melchers Hall in 1958?

If you know this student, please leave a comment below or send an email with Get the Picture in the subject line to

The Spring 2012 edition of Get the Picture featured a photo of a student working at a bulky computer terminal in Combs Hall in the ’80s. UMW Magazine asked readers to help match a name to the “mustachioed user.”

Cheryl Little Sutton ’87 wrote to identify the student as William “Bill” R. Waller ’84 and said she had forwarded the photo to Bill, who confirmed it.

James S. Miller Jr. ’84 also recognized Bill, his former roommate, with whom he lived in Westmoreland Hall sophomore year and in Hamlet House senior year.

Finally, we heard from the mustachioed man himself. Bill thanked us for the “blast from the past.”

Our pleasure, Bill, and thanks to all for writing!