Training Teachers for City Lessons

  Kathy Paschall, M.Ed. ’13 hoisted herself onto a tabletop in the back of a Richmond classroom last spring and pointed to a makeshift solar system taped to the wall. “Why do they call Venus Earth’s twin?” the teaching intern asked, pointing at one of the planets. “Because they are about the same size,” a high school student answered confidently. Less than a mile from Paschall’s earth science class at George Wythe High School, Tally Botzer ’08, M.Ed. ’13 gathered a group of third-graders at Swansboro Elementary to read about Helen Keller. Spring semester, Paschall and Botzer were pursuing master’s degrees in education from the University of Mary Washington and completing teaching internships in the Richmond public schools as part of the Ukrop’s Fellowship Program. Botzer completed a master’s degree in May; Paschall got a teaching certificate in May and plans to graduate in December. As the first two Ukrop’s Fellows, the graduate students were in the classroom … [Read more...]