Books by Faculty

Social Skills Deficits in Students With Disabilities: Successful Strategies From the Disabilities Field By UMW Associate Professor of Education Helen Nicole Frye Myers This text targets anyone who works with children with disabilities, including parents, teachers, counselors, and psychologists. The book looks at the effects of the social challenges often faced by youngsters with special needs. Counselors and special educators along with a psychologist and an occupational therapist weigh in on how to support development of these important skills and share with readers the strategies that have worked for them. Rowman & Littlefield Education, February 2013     Environmental Issues: Looking Towards a Sustainable Future, Fourth Edition By UMW Professor Emeritus of Geology Robert L. McConnell and Coastal Carolina University Associate Professor of Marine Science Daniel C. Abel The authors of this fourth-edition text focus on using real-world environmental … [Read more...]