Guest Editor: Put Mary Washington First

Welcome to this special edition of UMW Magazine devoted to the Mary Washington First campaign. Guest editor Torre Meringolo, vice president for Advancement and University Relations, has guided efforts to support President Richard V. Hurley’s vision for UMW through the development and launch of this $50 million campaign. Begun in 2011 and ending in late 2016, the Mary Washington First campaign has raised $30 million toward its goal. Dear Readers, The launch of a comprehensive fundraising campaign is a special moment in the life of an institution. It provides an opportunity to showcase high-priority initiatives that need private support in order to propel them forward. More importantly, a campaign provides an opportunity for those who cherish the institution to express their support through personal investments. The title and theme of this campaign is Mary Washington First, and the choice of this name was deliberate. President Richard V. Hurley’s vision is for Mary Washington … [Read more...]

Link to Our Future

Mary Washington First campaign is set for success

THIS IS YOUR PLACE. It’s where you made friends, challenged your intellect, and learned to be an adult – able to make your own way and contribute to the world. You’ve moved on now, but you’re still a part of this university, as important a part as Campus Walk, Ball Circle, and the bell tower. Mary Washington First is a five-year, $50 million fundraising campaign. Launched quietly in 2011, the effort just entered its public phase, with $30 million raised. The summer 2014 edition of University of Mary Washington Magazine features photos, stories, and commentary about the Mary Washington First campaign, a vital link in ensuring that this university, your university, expands its mission for generations to come. … [Read more...]

View From the Top

A Q&A with the President

Recently, Anna Barron Billingsley, associate vice president for University Relations, sat down with President Richard V. Hurley to talk about his plans for the University of Mary Washington. What follows are highlights of their conversation. How does the Mary Washington First campaign fulfill your vision for the university? I want the University of Mary Washington to be one of the nation’s premier public liberal arts and sciences universities. Private funds are key to having that dream become a reality. A campaign like Mary Washington First not only attracts new donors, but it also engages ongoing supporters and excites them about the university’s future. What will this campaign do for UMW? Money raised through Mary Washington First will allow us to do things this institution otherwise couldn’t do – offer more scholarships, endow more professorships, and enhance research and internship opportunities. All of these assist us in attracting the best and brightest students and … [Read more...]