Give It Your Best Shot!

No one seems to know whose foamy face graced last edition’s Get the Picture, which featured an image of a student participating in 1989 Devil-Goat Day shenanigans. But we hope classes of the early ’60s will help us identify these spirit-filled freshmen who were pictured in the 1964 Battlefield. The yearbook caption reads, “Freshmen arm themselves with pots, pans, and pins to rid themselves of beanies.” We know that before 1971, first-years were required to wear beanies − red for devils and green for goats − or suffer a consequence, usually a chore assigned by the upperclassman who caught them bareheaded. So, in addition to names, please tell us more about what it took to shed the beanies at the end of freshman year. Just who are these students and why are they wielding pots and pans? If you know, please send an email with Get the Picture in the subject line to Or, write us at UMW Magazine − Get the Picture  1301 College Ave., Fredericksburg, VA … [Read more...]