Sallie Braxton

 A stack of business cards, one for each title she’s held at UMW, paints a picture of the kaleidoscopic career of Sallie Washington Braxton ’77. But her 33-year journey on the corporate ladder has been more horizontal than vertical. “I so enjoyed working at Mary Washington that I think the realization that [my job changes] were lateral moves wasn’t really at the forefront of my mind,” said the associate dean for advising services for the College of Business. “I just saw different openings and different areas of opportunity, and I knew what I enjoyed doing.” When Braxton came to work at her alma mater as assistant dean of admissions and financial aid in 1978, she discovered a particular passion for advising. Since then, she has worked as a director and a dean, with graduates and undergraduates, in Fredericksburg and in Stafford. Through all the changes, though, one thing has stayed the same: her focus on fostering students’ success. “Maybe I sacrificed my goals for theirs,” she … [Read more...]