Meant to Be

A Mary Washington Love Story

After what he’d seen in the South Pacific, Elmer Morris Jr. ’50 was ready to get back to college. But the school where he’d started was full. So he enrolled at his mother’s alma mater, near his hometown. Just for a few classes. Just until he could get back to Williamsburg. Enter Marceline Weatherly ’50. Drum Major. May Queen. Class President. Daughter Sent to an All-Girls School to NOT Meet a Boy. Unbeknownst to her parents, Mary Washington College of the University of Virginia would welcome men, including Elmer Morris, in 1946, the year Marcy arrived, more than two decades before going officially co-ed. Who could have guessed an agreement to admit World War II veterans would change everything for a 17-year-old beauty from South Carolina and a sailor lucky to be alive? Or that their love for each other – and for the magical place that brought them together – would still be unfolding today? “Joined at the hip,” Marcy said, reflecting on her 67-year romance with the man she … [Read more...]