Revealing Moments

Photographer Captures What Connects Us

Joanna Pinneo ’76 loved the month she spent in Spain her sophomore year, immersing herself in Spanish culture and studying the works of the masters at Madrid’s Prado museum. She wasn’t nearly as crazy, however, about the images she captured with her point-and-shoot camera, especially after seeing the photographs her boyfriend took with his own more-expensive device. So Pinneo, who majored in art history and psychology, returned to campus, wrote an A paper on Diego Velazquez’s 17th-century masterpieces, and bought herself a new camera. “When I found the camera, it was like a light bulb went off. I found ‘the thing,’ ” Pinneo recalled. “I was really kind of hooked from then on.” For the shy young woman from Richmond, the camera was a passport of sorts, giving her the confidence to engage with strangers - ultimately in more than 65 countries. During Pinneo’s career as a photojournalist, her intimate and moving images have appeared in National Geographic, Life, Time, The New York … [Read more...]