Revealing Moments

Photographer Captures What Connects Us

Joanna Pinneo ’76 loved the month she spent in Spain her sophomore year, immersing herself in Spanish culture and studying the works of the masters at Madrid’s Prado museum. She wasn’t nearly as crazy, however, about the images she captured with her point-and-shoot camera, especially after seeing the photographs her boyfriend took with his own more-expensive device. So Pinneo, who majored in art history and psychology, returned to campus, wrote an A paper on Diego Velazquez’s 17th-century masterpieces, and bought herself a new camera. “When I found the camera, it was like a light bulb went off. I found ‘the thing,’ ” Pinneo recalled. “I was really kind of hooked from then on.” For the shy young woman from Richmond, the camera was a passport of sorts, giving her the confidence to engage with strangers - ultimately in more than 65 countries. During Pinneo’s career as a photojournalist, her intimate and moving images have appeared in National Geographic, Life, Time, The New York … [Read more...]

Erchull Honored With APA Award

The American Psychological Association has recognized Mindy Erchull, associate professor of psychology, as an emerging leader. The APA’s Committee on Women in Psychology honored Erchull with its Psychology Leadership Award for her scholarship, undergraduate mentoring, and service to the psychology profession, and for her promise of an influential career. Erchull was named an association fellow in 2013 and has presented research on gender issues and feminism at numerous conventions. Her research includes objectification and sexualization of women; feminism and feminist identity; psychological aspects of reproductive health; and attitudes about menstruation. … [Read more...]

Leading Toward Diversity

Cara Wimberley ’15 received this year’s Citizenship Award for Diversity Leadership, given to a University of Mary Washington senior with high academic standards, leadership qualities, and a personal commitment to diversity and inclusion on campus. Wimberley is a psychology major and is minoring in linguistics and Middle Eastern studies. She has been an officer of the campus group PRISM – People for the Rights of Individuals of Sexual Minorities – and has participated in the Cross-Cultural BBQ, Arab Culture Night, Day of Silence, and the Multicultural Fair. She is a peer mentor with the Center for International Education. Wimberley, of Blacksburg, Virginia, spent a semester at a university in Amman, Jordan, studying Arabic and learning about Middle Eastern culture and history. “Cara’s UMW and study-abroad experiences have taught her that being a leader means learning about diverse identities and cultures,” said Marion Sanford, UMW’s director of multicultural affairs. … [Read more...]

Learning Lab

Service Dogs Train on Campus

There was a new student in the Tuesday afternoon principles of management class this fall. Meet Farrah, a Labrador and golden retriever mix and service dog in training. Farrah is one of two dogs in the University of Mary Washington’s chapter of Canine Companions for Independence started this fall and founded by UMW juniors Rebekah Selbrede and Abigail Hannell. Having grown up with dogs, both women were eager to put their love of animals toward a meaningful cause. After a year of planning, Selbrede and Hannell traveled to New York in June to pick up Dragon and Farrah. As service dogs in training, Dragon and Farrah will eventually be paired with people in need of help with a physical or hearing disability. Guiding pups to become service animals isn’t the same as having a pet. “It’s like having a child,” Selbrede said. “It’s a big responsibility to train these dogs.” Over the next year and a half, Dragon and Farrah will learn 30 basic commands, house training, and … [Read more...]

Book by UMW Faculty

Balancing the Big Stuff: Finding Happiness in Work, Family, and Life Miriam Liss, professor of psychology, and Holly Schiffrin, associate professor of psychology The authors “have penned the definitive book on work-life balance − an elegant blend of engaging stories, illuminating examples, and cutting-edge empirical evidence,” wrote Sonja Lyubomirsky, author of The Myths of Happiness and The How of Happiness. – Rowman & Littlefield, August 2014 … [Read more...]