Florence Overley Ridderhof ’50, who lost her son Miriam “Mim” Sollows Wieland ’50, who lost her husband Katherine “Kitty” Wells Ball ’52, who lost her husband Carlene Mitchell Bass ’54, who lost her husband Elizabeth McNeal Brann ’54, who lost her husband Ann Johnston LeDuke ’54, who lost her husband Marjorie Webb Wolfrey ’55, who lost her husband Barbara Barndt Miller ’59, who lost her husband Sally Warwick Rayburn ’59, who lost her husband Fay Jessup Young ’59, who lost her husband Jean Eubanks Holland ’60, who lost her husband Eleanor Jane Riles ’61, who lost her husband Catherine “Kitty” Boxley Swanson ’62, who lost her husband Betty Caudle Marshall ’63, who lost her husband Linda Gulnac Steelman ’63, who lost her husband Kathryn Pannell Howe ’64, who lost her husband Margaret Cobourn Robinson ’65, who lost her brother  Nancy Coates Wilson ’65, who lost her husband  Sandra Hutchinson Schanne ’66, who lost her husband Frances … [Read more...]

In Memoriam

Virginia Apperson Waldrop ’41 Louise Lucas Carnell ’42 Dorothy Sutton Jones ’42 Ruth Spotswood Spradlin ’42 Alice Glazebrook Gilleece ’43 Edith Winslow Staalman ’43 Frances Ellis Chilian ’44 Lane Gale Beale ’45 Kathryn Hale Hudson ’45 Jean Hudson Inskeep ’45 Virginia Oquist Cameron ’46 Calista Upshaw Gilmer ’46 Ruth Phipps Metzel ’46 Dorothy Miller ’46 Viola Grosso Stokes ’46 Betty Proctor Groseclose ’47 Meda Overman Hill ’47 Anna White Jones ’47 Anna Brauer Oxenham ’47 Lois Saunier Hornsby ’48 Elizabeth Griffin Mitchell ’48 Virginia Carol Schachtler ’48 Mary Norvell Millner Thomson ’48 Barbara Henderson Vassar ’48 Mary Roberts Guynn ’49 Christine Ridgwell ’49 Virginia Lee White ’49 Betty Tomlin Behling ’50 George Bidgood ’50 Kathryn Genoveses Bodley ’50 Virginia Felts Brown ’50 Dolores O’Brien Dowe ’50 Geraldine Boswell Griffin ’50 Elizabeth Gordon Haga ’50 Margaret “Peg” Penn … [Read more...]

Donald E. Glover

Distinguished Professor Emeritus of English Donald Ellsworth Glover died Aug. 18, 2020, from Alzheimer’s disease. His entire teaching career was at the University of Mary Washington, where he was chair of the Department of English for three years and later served as director of the program for graduate studies. He helped to establish the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program, which was designed for nontraditional students. He was honored with the 1976 Grellet C. Simpson Award in recognition of excellence in undergraduate teaching. Glover was born in Rochester, New York, and attended public schools in Falls Church, Virginia. He earned a bachelor’s degree in English in 1955 from the College of William & Mary and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. He and his wife, Alice W. Glover, were Fulbright Scholars for 15 months at the University of Adelaide, South Australia. He entered graduate studies at the University of Virginia in 1957 and received a Ph.D. in English in 1964. … [Read more...]

Marshall E. Bowen

Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Geography Marshall E. Bowen, 82, passed away Aug. 19, 2020, at his home. A native of Providence, Rhode Island, he moved to Fredericksburg in 1965 to join the faculty of Mary Washington College, where he taught until his retirement in 2001. Bowen shared his passion for North America with more than 300 students each semester in a packed Monroe Hall lecture room 116, now the James Farmer lecture hall. He taught seminars in historical geography and, early in his career, taught the geography of Asia as well as courses in physical geography. Throughout the 1970s Bowen’s summer field course to the American West had a profound effect on students and led many to pursue advanced degrees in geography. Bowen received the 1987 Grellet C. Simpson Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching and the 1991 Mortar Board Outstanding Professor Award. His devotion to students went beyond academics. An avid basketball player, Bowen was Mary Washington’s first … [Read more...]