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Writer Gives Voice to Superheroes

  Marguerite Bennett ’10 was trembling so violently she had to stop her car and collect herself. Celebrated comic book writer Scott Snyder, Bennett’s mentor and one of her professors in the Sarah Lawrence College graduate writing program, had pulled her aside after class and casually asked if she might like to help him with his upcoming project, the 2013 Batman Annual #2. For Bennett, a longtime Batman fan and comics consumer, this was the graphic novelist’s equivalent of Yankees star Derek Jeter asking her to help him with his swing. Or Warren Buffett offhandedly suggesting she help him with some financial advice. She was still wearing what she called her “crazy person smile” when she got behind the wheel of her white Hyundai that frigid January evening to drive to her Yonkers apartment. She hadn’t even managed to get off campus when she stopped the car to process the moment. “I started shaking. I had to pull off the road and try to keep from crying, and I had to … [Read more...]