Editor's Desk

Letter From the Editor

Dear Readers, As printing costs have risen over the last decade, we have had to limit the number of pages devoted to Class Notes. That has meant shortening the news class agents have submitted. Beginning this issue, UMW Magazine will publish agents’ unedited notes online at magazine.umw.edu. We will continue to publish an edited version in print, which you will find on page 25. Another change is that we will not publish a summer 2015 issue. Virginia’s budget cuts to institutions of higher education have caused many universities to prioritize spending. To use UMW’s limited funds as strategically as possible, the university has temporarily suspended publication of one issue per year. We are confident that the budget situation will improve, and we look forward to resumption of an annual three-issue schedule. Because the next magazine will mail in fall 2015, the next deadline to submit notes to class agents has been extended from March 15 to June 15. If you submitted notes … [Read more...]