You Got It

Becky Earle Middleton ’97 recognized tray-sledder Amy Halter Watkins ’96 right away when she saw her in the fall/winter UMW Magazine.

She and Amy were resident assistants in Jefferson Hall the year of the big snow. RAs returned to campus early after winter break, Becky wrote. “So we were the only ones there when the snow hit.” The Blizzard of ’96 closed campus to returning students. “We had the entire place to ourselves for nearly a week. I remember many good games of hide and seek, sledding, snowball fights, and how incredibly quiet it was.” Bob Shelton ’97 was a Jefferson RA, too. He identified Amy and thanked UMW Magazine for reviving a great memory.

Dana Hall, senior associate director of athletics, wrote that she was Amy’s coach on the MWC women’s lacrosse team. Coach Hall stays in touch with Amy and her husband, Eric Watkins ’96, and their family, who live in Fredericksburg.

Thanks to all who contacted the magazine, including Larissa Lipani Peluso-Fleming ’98, who said she’ll never forget that storm or the fun, Jeff Kramer ’96, Kelly Bartmess Sherman ’97, Professor of Biology Werner Wieland, and “Matt,” who commented online.