TO: All Alumni

FROM: Derek M. Bottcher ’96

Have you visited campus lately? Shared a story with a co-worker, relative, or neighbor about your Mary Washington days? Attended an alumni event?

If not, I challenge you to reconnect with our alma mater.

Come out for the Eagles at the Anderson Center, the long-awaited arena where thousands can cheer on UMW’s winning athletes. Head down Campus Walk and stop by the renovated Monroe Hall where old-school murals coexist with the latest in learning technologies. Or, grab a whole-grain sandwich at the ever memorable Underground’s “Naturally Woodstock,” a partnership with the founders of the famous 1969 concert.

Live far from Fredericksburg? Get connected at new UMW Networks starting across the country. Members are already helping to recruit the class of 2015.

All of us share President Hurley’s vision − to make UMW the best public liberal arts and sciences institution in the country. Our alumni family is more than 30,000 strong and growing; if we all get involved, in any way we can, we will help make it happen!

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