AP Environmental Science

By Carol Matthews and N. Kathryn Weatherhead ’77

Nora Kathryn Wire Weatherhead ’77 and Carol Matthews created and wrote AP Environmental Science, the teacher and student manuals for which were awarded the 2010 TEXTY − the National Textbook Excellence Award. Only seven texts in any subject area were given the national award in 2010, and Advanced Environmental Science was the only one that was recognized for the physical sciences.

The student version of the textbook includes 32 labs and activities designed not only to help users prepare for the AP exam, but also to teach students to be environmentally conscious citizens. The instructor’s version includes a pacing guide, daily lesson plans, major state standard alignments, editable PowerPoint presentations, and assessments. Both authors are experienced classroom teachers. Weatherhead is an AP environmental science exam grader, table leader, and workshop lecturer.

The TEXTY award is given by the nonprofit Text and Academic Authors Association, the mission of which is to enhance the quality of textbooks and other academic materials.

– Published by Teaching Point