Modern Family Room

New building centers on student life

From the hallowed grounds that once housed Chandler Hall, a modern living room is emerging. When it is finished in 2015, the new four-story Campus Center will live up to its name. It will be at the center of the grounds, and it will serve as the living room – or, more aptly, the family room – for the campus community. The Campus Center will help University of Mary Washington stay competitive with colleges of similar size while also meeting the evolving needs of students. One of the main benefits will be improved dining facilities. Students have been eating at Seacobeck Hall since it opened in 1931 – back when young academics were expected to dress for dinner and show up at assigned tables precisely on time. Today’s students cherish Seacobeck for its history, but not for the long lines they wait in to be served. In 2013, the building serves about 60 percent more people than it was designed to serve in 1931. It also is home to student organizations, but offers little space … [Read more...]